VAISHNAVI is the "New Generation BPO Company".

Changes in the global business landscape has lead to our focus on the IT‐ITES arena, To capitalize the best business opportunity in the outsourcing business through high value,experience and complex integrated business process.
It is our business to understand our customer's enterprise and its direction,the complexities of their trade,their processes & operating philosophy and their priorities.This way we can offer our customers solutions that are tailor‐made for their business processes.


We save your valuable time and effort searching for the right service.You can rely on us to do it right for you.We have entered into the ITES arena and we are a fast growing remote e‐services company,providing high quality‐value added services to our clients globally.
The strength lending factors to the ever‐increasing growth levels have been the People,their spirits,their desire to be at the pinnacle and their attitudes who have always been your side to ensure the learning and experience is blended together to achieve the right synergies.The high performance levels are attained through planned training,methodical implementation and continuous follow‐ups and reviews to enhance the satisfaction levels of the customers.
As your business partner,we lay emphasis on long‐term business relationships that allow us the time and capability to nurture more precious relationships with our customers. Data conversion in all its varied forms is our forte.
Your data is your most important resource,especially in today's rapidly changing information systems industry.Unfortunately,the data you have is not necessarily in the format that you need ordesire.Moreover,Data from legacy systems may not be immediately available to your newer software.Your business may depend on data from various sources which cannot provide it in a standard,usable format. For these and similar requirements VAISHNAVI provides data conversion services that offer a variety of Solutions to get data from one format into another.